Dual Layer Car Mats

Customize Car Mats with Dual-Layer Technology

We customize a vehicle car mat based on the highest quality specifications. Custom-fit patterns for each vehicle are done to our highest engineering standards and fit the exact contours of your vehicle. Which is odour resistant, waterproof, and has super durable properties to help keep your floor mat clean. Custom-fitted to match your car floor exactly, DODO mats are the car mats made to keep your car clean and comfortable. People often neglect to wash their car mats regularly, and doing so takes plenty of time or effort. Car washes are expensive and it is a real hassle to wash each car mat with soap and water. In addition, floor mats often take hours to dry. With a DODO mat, simply separate the two layers and shake to remove dust.

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Easy Maintenance | Quick Dry

Cleaning and washing of traditional car mats are often neglected as it is messy and takes up plenty of time and effort. Besides, traditional car mats often take a long time to dry after washing. With Dodo Car Mats you just have to simply separate the two layers and dispose the trapped debris from the lower layer. If necessary the lower layer can easily be washed off with plain water. The water- resistant Dodo Car Mats dries completely, within a matter of minutes!

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Dodo® Waterproof | Odorless Car Mat

Car mat is odorless. A traditional car mat usually has an irritating smell that will circulate throughout the car and is hazardous to your health. Dodo®️ Car mat innovative 8mm reservoir which is not available in traditional car mat helps to trap any form of liquid spillage other than dirt and dust.

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Comfortable Cushion Sensation

Dodo® Car Mats are made of top quality materials and designed comfortable “cushion feel” for relax and enjoyable journey. It provides better sensation touch for the feet.

Dodo® Car Mats has an added advantage of insulating road noises from intruding into the car while driving.

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Anti-Slip Car Mat | Durability

Dodo car mats are designed with Velcro fastener at the side. This ensures the mats are always held in place preventing any slippage while driving. The bottom part of each Dodo car mat has an additional layer of special coating to prolong heavy usage and durability.

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Heavy Duty Heel Padding

Dodo® Car Mat heavy duty protector heel pad is specially designed to increase the durability of the mat. This heavy-duty padding helps protect the car mat from every day wear-and-tear will last longer.

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Easy Installation

Dodo Car Mat works like any other car mat but is more efficient in trapping dust and dirt. You just slip it onto the floor of your car.

  1. Place the Dodo Car Mat onto the flooring of the car and attach the clips provided to the bracket under the car seat.
  2. The bottom part of the mat has Velcro fastener which helps to hold the mat in place and ensure it does not move out of position.
  3. With the clips and Velcro fastener in place there is no risk of it slipping out of position.
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Dodo® Mat Design

The mats have clips for the upper and lower layers to make sure your mat is firmly secured. These mats contain settle edges. Which keeps the dust on the mat. Laminated bottom lower layer to make Dodo car mats more durable.

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Dodo® Car Mat is Highly Recommended for :-

  • Those that is sensitive to pollutions.
  • Those with children, infants and elderly.
  • Those who are concerned about car’s interior hygienic conditions.
  • Those irritated with mildew buildups and foul odor.
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3 Years Warranty

Every piece of Dodo Car Mat comes with Anti-Slip Velcro fastener ensuring it sticks onto the car floorboard and prevents any slippage while driving. Dodo promises our customers a 3-year warranty for our range of car mats based on manufacturing defects. We are confident that our car mat will meet your expectations.

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Limited Warranty Statement for Dodo® Car Mat

Dodo Car Mat warrants that its car mat will be free from defects in material and manufacture, and will give satisfactory performance for the period indicated from the date of purchase. We shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential arising out of the use of the matting.The warranty will not apply to damage incurred as a result of tamper, abuse or misuse (e.g. burns, cuts, or tears) or because of failure to properly install, clean or maintain the product.If the car mat is defective within the stated warranty period, user must notify us with the warranty registration number and/or your invoice number.

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