What we see and hear is important, but I personally feel that seeing the world with my own eyes is more important than hearing. I thought to myself: What can I do and what would I do without my eyes? Would every colour I imagine be way different? How active would my reaction be without seeing a moving object? Will I still enjoy driving and going on roadtrips? Eyes and visibility is so important… Many of us are daily commuters- driving, riding, cycling, or walking. According to a report by the Ministry of Transports Malaysia, there is an average of 2.19 million daily traffic on Malaysian roads in 2018. Among all the registered motor vehicles, nearly 40% of the car accidents happen during the late afternoon and early evening times. This is due to sunset glares and lower visibility compared to daytime. Visibility is very important in our daily lives, and more important for car drivers, especially during rainy seasons. How many of you have experienced or nearly have the experience of driving into other cars or an object due to low visibility? I cannot deny that I sometimes struggle to concentrate while driving because it’s raining so heavily! It’s a bit depressing to drive in the rainy season. This article is going to discuss how we increase visibility while driving a car in the rain.